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Forum Rules

General definitions:
Topic – thread at the forum.
Post – A message at the thread.
Double posting – Posting two or more messages in a row at the same thread at a small time interval (less than 12 hours).
Cross posting – Posting the same message at different threads. Or posting the same thread at different sub-forums\sections.
Off-topic – Messages, that do not suit the threads theme.
Off-forum – Messages\threads that do not suit the forum\sub-forum
Flood – little content or unconstructive post.
Flame – sorting out relations, provocation, harassment, discrimination by any sign and etc.
Caps Lock – Writing a message with capital letters or a big part of it.
Over-quoting – excessive size of quoted material.

Punishment varieties:
Warning – A raise at the attention given to the user from the moderators. It exists at a form of scale with 10 marks. An obtainer of 10 warnings can be suspended from the forum (ban). A warning can come along with one of the following punishments.
Read Only – Prohibition for a user to write messages at the forum. Users with such status are able to read forums, work with private messages. Can be temporary or permanent.
Blocking – Temporary ban from doing anything at the forum to a user
Ban – Full and final removal from the forum with a change of public group for the user.

1.1. These rules (next – rules) fulfill the users agreement, that is being accepted with registration to the lost sector project forum and website. (next – forum).
1.2. The forum is meant for comfortable conversations for registered users. The forum is also free to read for guests that are not part of the game\forum.
1.3. Dialoguing with the forum users is by their nickname.
1.4. A registration to the forum is allowed with only one forum account per user. Entry to the forum is allowed only with your account.
1.5. The rules expend for all forum sections and parts, private messages, public messages. If a sub-forum has additional rules, then the additional rules do not cover or replace the main rules, but only there for specifying the unique features of the present sub-forum.
1.6. Official language of communications at the forum is English.
1.7. Unknowing the rules of the forum do not free the users of guiltiness in case of violation.

2.1. Orderliness is kept by the administration of the forum through the developers and moderators.
2.2 Users responsibility for violations is determined by the administration of the forum depending on these rules, users agreement, internal documentation and the violations temper, also guided by its own representatives about the valuation of a specific user\thread\message for the forum and the project. Participating at the forums work, users can express their confidence to its administration by taking any decisions, that has to do with interpretation and compliance of the forum rules
2.3. As a rule, the forum administration enters a correspondence with users, if the request is complied correctly and properly, although it mustn’t:
* Answer to all messages, that are being addressed to it. For example, questions, for which there are answers at the rules or they are obvious – are ignored;
* Explain somewhere the reasons, for whom it is guided for making those or other actions.
2.4. The administration of the forum has full right to temporarily or permanently block users account or limit it at the forum, as well as deleting any materials from the forum, if they violate these rules, users agreement, RF law code or if they are negative for the project, according to the administration.
2.5. Determining punishment terms is made according to the administrations decision.
2.6. Reasoned and substantiated complaints about illegitimate moderators' acts are accepted at the super-moderators Orlando PM (private message). If after review, the complaint is considered as malicious slander, the prosecutor can be sanctioned according to the administrations' consideration.

3.1. Registration of one user, of more than one account for further visits of the resource (forum), if the main account has been blocked for violating the forum rules.
3.2. Entry under another's account, with no matter, how it was achieved.
3.3. Usage of uncensored, abusing, threatening , discriminating expressions, profanity nicknames, avatars, signatures, statuses, thread and message headers.
3.4 Messages, placement of pictures, links for pictures, links for different internet resources, that contain elements of pornography, rape, terrorism propaganda, neo-nationalism, discrimination by any mark, uncensored, harmful language, alcoholic and drug promotion.
3.5. Propaganda of usage & production of drugs and alcoholic products, psychotropic remedy's; propaganda of terrorism.
3.6. Placement of advertising and spam materials at the forum at a form of messages, threads, signatures, through private messages or mailing to other users of the forum.
3.7. Placement of advertising messages, including links to websites, referrals. Open advertising of other games or companies (prevented ads).
3.8. Publication of messages, that are able to cause negative consequences for the gameplay process, provocation of users to violate the game manual.
3.9. Trading (discussion of trading) at game accounts, leveling a game account for real money (rubles, or any other foreign currency, including electronic money such as Webmoney, yandex.money and etc.).
3.10. Posting threads with «SCREAMING» header, written with capital letters (caps lock), except abbreviations.
3.11. Creating a thread at a sub-forum, that is not designated for it (for example, thread that discusses a quest walkrthrough at a sub-forum of technical questions about the game).
3.12. Creating duplications of threads at different sub –forums. If you created a thread at the wrong sub-forum, do not duplicate it to another. Contact an administrator or a moderator and explain him the problem, he then will replace your thread to the correct sub-forum.
3.13. Creating threads with ambiguous headers (for example «Help», «Attention!», «Urgent», «Look» and etc.)
3.14. Creating threads, which discussion already exists at the first pages of the sub-forum. Before making a new thread, make sure that such a thread wasn’t discussed already sooner. For this, use the search engine at the forum.
3.15. Imitative lift ("up", "upwards" and etc.) of threads to the top of the listings, this would be considered as flood.
3.16. Writing messages, that plainly deviate from the threads theme (off-top).
3.17. Writing messages, that plainly do not contain any meaning (flood).
3.19. Writing messages with capital letters (caps lock).
3.20. Writing duplications of messages at different forum threads.
3.21. Over-quoting, when the size of quoted material exceeds 10-15 lines at height. In case of quoting other sources of information than the forum, a big quoting is allowed, although at such cases, it is recommended to give a link for this material. Multi-quoting is allowed, when successively there are blocks of «quoting – answer», «quoting – answer» and etc.
3.22. Writing excessively «catchy» messages, excessively abound of formatting tags, colored format, major font. This also has to do with users signatures at the forum.
3.23. Open publication of users private information, that contains correspondence with the administration or support services, if it wasn’t allowed to be publicized.
3.24. Public discussion of the forum administration actions, that is connected to moderating at the forum. In such case you can mail a moderator or a developer.
3.25. Unconstructive, unreasoned critic of developer activities, his products, forum administration, and so the participants of the forum.
3.26. Publication of unofficial materials, new, that might misinform the forum participants.
3.27. Posting messages that violate the game rules, users agreement.
3.28. Quoting messages, that contain violations of forum rules. Such quoting is equated to the appropriate violation.
3.29. Disclosure of confidential information, received at a product testing process and\or visited closed sub-forum sections. Placing information, that is confidential, at foreign resources, and\or at sub-forums that are not designated for it, without the administrations' agreement.
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