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Update 105

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New items
In this small summer update we offer you 5 new items right away, half of which are unique in their own way.

Energy shield. The first new shield for the past few years. This is a very unusual shield. It doesn’t grant a lot of armor, but instead, it gives a new activatable skill, which replaces the “Blind defense” or the “Nanny” skill. The ability “Behind the shield” is actually a strengthened version of “Blind defense” and grants another charge, shock immunity and an increased resistance after use.
Ultralight shotgun Serbu Supershorty. It is held with only one hand, which allows to use it together with a shield, or carry it as a secondary weapon.
Energy shield + Serbu Supershorty + new “Interceptor” helmet make up the “Breach” set! Can be obtained for gold and platinum and only for a limited time!

The classic MP5, as a top submachine-gun of a long-range tree-line P90-Vector. Available via craft and gold shop.

New heavy pistol Steyr L-A1. He is very light comparing to the other heavy pistols, has increased damage and a fast snap shot, but he is designed only for scouts and has a penalty for weapon changing. It is intended as the main weapon for an over-mobile scout. Available via craft and gold shop.

Items changes
Police shield: +5% Bullet resistance
Axe: Mobility 84->82
Long-range SMG’s: damage decreased a bit
Heavy SMG’s: accuracy and damage decreased a bit
XM8 available via gold craft
A year had passed since the VG weapons got reworked and now they are available not just for coupons, but also for rental.

Measures to combat time wasting edge-sitting on the map
The “sudden death” damage increased by 50%
Maximum portable aid kits number is decreased to 2
Rebis-grenades are now related to first aid kits.

Bonuses expansion for payments
Earlier, for the first payment, a flare gun and boosters set were awarded. We expanded this system and now the payments accumulate further. For a summary purchase of 2000 gold, you will receive 2 gift boxes and the “Praetorian” helmet (now can be obtained only here). For a summary purchase of 5000 gold you will receive a blue-grade sledgehammer, the title “Arms dealer” and the “Keeper” helmet (now can be obtained only here). Progression can be viewed in the Achievements window at the Premium tab.

A new event - “Re-education”
This event will be similar by its craziness to the “Trial and error method”. A 3х3 team match, where merchants entering a battle lose all their active skills. Instead of this they are granted new random sets of 5 skills, which can not be collected by one class normally. Everyone might become an impenetrable tank, unstoppable damage dealer or an elusive support.

Etc. Improvements and fixes
Steps sounds while running were added (are heard only for visible merchants). Now the atmosphere in the maps will be a bit more alive.
Now when auto-stopping to enemy detection or while entering an “explosion” area, the merchant might receive 0-2 AP to compensate the recalculation of the path from a new place.
The cost of returning a marked item 50->25
The cinematic camera after a critical hit at an enemy is disabled.
Lumbagos under containers at the cargo-ship and the hole in the wall at the metro rooms are fixed.
Active skills sorting at the bottom panel in a match is changed. The manually-activatable skills are fixed to the beginning of the list, so they will fit under the 6-7-8 buttons (or however you set).
Path laying to an enemy, which stands in a doorway while using a melee attack has been fixed (earlier the merchant could’ve run around).
Active skills button now utters a sound when clicking.
Now when entering PvE, if none of the players has a group, there will be automatically created a group for them with default loot-sharing settings.
Possibly, the error of when a merchant with a worn implant has been failing to enter a battle for having wounds, has been fixed.
All booster-services now stack in the inventory.
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