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Update 107

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New achievements and titles!

In this update we introduce many new legendary achievements, for which you will be receiving a title as a reward (a sobriquet, addable to your nickname above your character’s head). Previously, there were just a couple of them, and those, who earned the title “Lucky”, “Habitue”, “Millionaire” or “Alpha” and wore them with pride. Now they become a lot more and they are rewarded for the most various combat merits. You like to swing your axe? Then the “Butcher” title is a must for you. Or you like to launch rockets? Let everyone know from the first sight that you’re a “Demolisher”. Show off your favorite weapon or class. Show your achievements in events or PvP. Or show your mob hunting results. Now you will definitely have something to do, earning a new title. In total there are 18 new titles added and a bunch of achievements, from which they are rewarded. You can find them in the new sections of the achievements tree, and the acquired legendary achievements can be viewed right in the first page of your profile.


New items
Another old friend is coming back! With a new excellent model and unique characteristics we bring back VG launcher to the game. This drum grenade launcher fires heavy missiles at a low trajectory (for more information look at the grenade launchers trajectory changes below), which allows to deal a great damage, but requires a different handling, than the other grenade launchers.
Similarly to the other VG weapons, it can be exchanged for coupons. But as there are not so many coupons left in the game, and there are no ways to obtain new ones, we add a new way to obtain VG weapons - VG container. Search for it in the premium-shop. The container and the VG weapons are tradable by the regular rules. And for those, who do not like roulettes, there was specially added an option to buy them with gold. Dearly. We remind you that the VG weaponry was an exclusive for coupon owners from 2015’s summer.
For the collectors we introduce a new helmet “Striker-grim”. Share a smile with your enemies. Limited at the premium shop.
For those, who especially like surprises, we bring in the “Black box” to the premium shop. What will you get there? Rare paints? Polymers? Rebis? Rare active items? Or, maybe, a weapon?
A new paint “Alligator” in the Gift boxes and Black boxes.

New implant
For the first time, we introduce an implant, that doesn’t just static parameters changes. T-SK-07 Grants a 15% damage bonus for the first 4 rounds. Afterwards, +5% for the next 4. And eventually -5% until the match ends. Search in improved containers with a double chance to get it.
In the future we will reveal implants with new abilities.

New active items
Haven’t seen new drugs in a long time? Meet the Concentrated versions of Titan, Hyperion and Callisto! They grant a double effect compared to the weak drugs, but they last only 3 rounds and are harmful. Incompatible with each other. Added to the loot in PvP, PvE, Med. containers and Black boxes.
The new ”Kamikaze” cocktail allows to make some noise before death. Gives a instantaneous adrenaline ejection, but you can cease hopes for survival. Exchanges for prisoner tags and drops from Med. containers.

Grenade launchers mechanics changes
The greater part of grenade launchers, who were shooting at an arc, has undergone changes. These changes should simplify the offensive and complicate the defensive tactics. Now they have 2 separate firing modes:
The first shoots at a high trajectory, as before, but receives a penalty of a cost and\or accuracy;
The second mode with a slight accuracy bonus shoots at a low (direct) trajectory, which does not allow to hit through high obstacles. Together with this, the mobility of these grenade launchers increases.
M79 Grenade Launcher – damage decreased a bit, attack mode without a change
Milkor – arc: +5(35) ap; flat: 30 ap, +2 accuracy; +2 mobility
EX41 - arc: +5(50) ap, -12 accuracy; flat: 45 ap, +2 accuracy; +2 mobility
RG-6 dwarf - arc: +5(35) ap; flat: 30 ap, +2 accuracy; +2 mobility
THOR - arc: +5(30) ap, -4 accuracy; flat: 25 ap, +2 accuracy; +2 mobility
GM94 - arc: +5(50) ap, -12 accuracy; flat: 45 ap, +2 accuracy; +2 mobility

Etc. Items changes
VG shotgun: maximal distance of aimed shot 11->15, accuracy and damage increased a bit
Energy shield: mobility 88->90, grants immunity to stuns when active, sale is prolonged
Axe: mobility 82->80
AKS74U: +30 ammunition in stock
SVU: aimed shot distance 18-34->16-35; snap shot distance 14-27 -> 13-28
Keltec KSG: aimed shot distance 7-21->7-22, +2 accuracy ;
Long-barreled shotguns (FN TPS, Benelli M4, SPAS): +2 accuracy
Mines (Regular, not “IFF”) are not exposed to EMP
Implant H-SQ-01: credits +10%, experience -5%
Implant T-AD-03: health +15, damage -2%
Implant L-BD-01: MP +5, resistance -3%
Implant T-BR-02: resistance +4, mobility -3
The Crossbow has been added to the premium-shop, crafting costs have been reduced
Prices for low-level golden weapons have been reduced
“Hyperion” pills: crit. chance 5%->8%

All the bands, where earlier there wasn’t a well defined boss (such as, for example, the Alpha-Freak) have received such one. The bosses got a new weapon and acquired themselves some special parameters. Some have got auras, strengthening allies, others regeneration, and somebody even managed to learn to land critical hits.
A new achievement- title has been added – “Punisher”, which can be received, by hunting on all the band leaders.
Now you can attack a band 5 levels lower, than the character (was on 2 levels lower).
Wherein there are more thugs spawning and a reward penalty is superimposed.
The contract “psychopaths”: Maximal mercenary level 5->6
Experience rewards have been increased for the contracts and the beginner story missions
Anarchy zone of 4th level and Diggers zone of 5th level have been added

For those, who “passed the game” we made another 9 prestige levels. Bonuses are now modest, but the most important thing, is that there would be what to elevate now, right?
Accountant collects 20%->30% damage
Fair verdict grants 20%->30% mobility
Vindictive gives ALL attackers a penalty 15%->20% for 2->1 round
A premium ability “Banner” has been added, allowing to hire more characters.

Locations capturing
As an experiment a restriction is imposed on the battle group formation: it must contain exactly 1 assault, scout, juggernaut and support.
A location, battles for which ended up in a draw, loses the flag of the past owner.

Get prepared to the next official tournament on the same rules, as the past one: partners with 1 mercenary.
-People counter added in queue and battles
-Checkpoints, as in the arena, were added

The order of the moves in training matches was changed as in arena (every mercenary moves separately)
4 mercenaries can be taken now to the training
The necessity to heal after a death in the training mode has been fixed

Referral system
Now, when a player who registered through your referral link comes to the game, you will be receiving an in-game letter informing you about it, and also the newbie will be automatically added to your contacts list. Letters will be sent to you as well for reaching a sufficient level to receive platinum.

Etc. Changes and fixes
Spawning points in some maps have been changed.
Bidding commission in the auction has been changed. Now it is always 25 credits and does not increase from the sale price.
When voting for the “next couple” in matchmaking, maps that have already been presented won’t appear again.
The option to delete groups in your contact list has been fixed
The “loner” penalty for playing with 4 mercenaries has been decreased 33%->25%
The level requirements display (5-15) in the arena has been fixed
A couple of emotion-animations has been added.

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