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Offical tournament starting 28 august

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It’s been a while since the last tournament. Everyone has been waiting when will it be back again, and time has finally come. The last tournament was over a year ago in the mid summer and many of you remember, how brutal were the battles there. Ihope, this time it will be as fun as then.
The rules almost haven’t changed at all:
  • The matches are held in a 2x2 vs 2x2 format. Find yourself a reliable ally!
  • The tournament will last only 3 weeks.
  • The amount of rewards is determined in advance.
For those, who didn’t catch the previous tournament, I’ll briefly remind the meaning:
Inside the “tournament” tab in the arena, there will be an available mode selection
You need mercenaries of 12+ level.
Every participant has a rating, which is calculated by an ELO system. For victories you receive rating, for defeats you lose some. Rating changes depends on the differences between your and your opponent’s power.Defeat a strong  team and get a good load of rating. Lose to such a team and the rating will insignificantly fall.
On the beginning everyone gets 1000 rating. You can climb both up and down.
As for the battles, no compensations or grade matching. Only by rating.
You must play a minimum of 5 battles in a week, otherwise you’ll lose a portion of your rating.
Participation rewards
The tournament battles grant more credits, experience and BP, than the regular ones in the arena.
beside that, you victories you’ll be receiving tournament tags.
These tags can be exchanged for different items, from the NPC which exchanges PvP tags. The assortment of rewards from the previous tourney wasrevised andsupplemented. The maximal amount of tags that can be earned is related to your rating. Initially for a week you can earn 200 tags. For this you’ll need 2 victories. Notonerously. But if you will be playing good, with a high rating (~1300), the tag earning cap will increase.
Pay attention that for better items, that you can exchange for tournament tags, you’ll need more than 600 tags. This means it’s only for successful players. Others can pile up exactly 600 tags in 3 weeks and also grab something rare and valuable items.

Victory rewards
For those, who will be in the top of the list, there will be given medals, accompanied with appropriate prizes.
2 gold, 4 silvers и 4 bronzes.
Thegoldenawardeeswillreceiveabrandnewblue +15 VG grenade launcher, and the others – platinum.
Terms and rewards can be viewed in the tournament window.
In addition, golden medalists will be enlisted in the champions list.

Patch 107a
The functioning of accuracyincreasing skills by shooting with the new grenade launcher modes, has been fixed.
The capturing points have been moved closer to the map center.
Shooting allies does not reset the “sudden death” count anymore.
Matching opponents in the arena: the level impact has been increased, equip ment impact decreased, permissible diapasons were increased, time for switching to a “pareddown” mode has been decreased, compensation bonuses for an unequal battle have been increased.
The problem with the preparation buffs in the “Reinforcement” event has been fixed.
Some client crashes have been fixed.
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Will a polish man finally win this? I bet that Janosik has a chance )

Изменено: nightmarish, 22 Август 2017 - 19:08

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