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Be mutually polite

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According to numerous requests of our community in a form of continuous complaints in the bureau, a new form of punishable activities will now be functioning.   

Antisocial behavior
Actions, ruining other players’ game experience. The following points are related to these behavioral offenses:

  1.  Regular and frequent foul language, curses, incitement of conflicts or any other chat violations through any in-game messaging system, on which three or more players have complained about.
  2. Regular and frequent team-kills, which cannot be substantiated as a tactical situation, on which three or more players have complained about.
  3. Other actions, that by the discretion of the administration are affecting a large number of players.

Punishment: warning or jailing starting from 5 mintues to 6 hours by the discretion of the administration.

As they say in the subway, “Be mutually polite”.

By entering the game, you are confirming that you accept these changes.

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