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NY update 108

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Happy upcoming New Year, fighters!
From the 27th of December to 8th of January the traditional magical boxes will appear in battles, in which New Year magic and fireworks can be found, as well snowmen, which in severe combat circumstances can be dismantled into snowballs – active combat items with refreshing effects. The snowballs will pass right to your active items slots (if you’ve got free space) and will stay with you to the end of the match. Bring-on the mass snow carnage! (More boxes at PvP)
What is to be done with the New Year magic? After collecting a bit of New Year magic in matches, go visit Santa Claus at the friendly locations and exchange it for surprise boxes. Inside you can find one random item from the list: credits, Polymers, paint, container with implants, temporary high-quality weapon, services, some more New Year magic or even permanent green or blue weapon or armor! Or you can exchange New Year magic right away for services or a paint.
Beside that, if you have accumulated a big stock of various excess PvE-tags, try your luck and exchange them for a New Years gift box, maybe you’ll be lucky!
For avid arena fans Santa has kept a special gift. You can exchange PvP tags for green grade weapons right away!
Also for the whole time of the holidays +100% experience and credits rewards at all game modes!
And of course, a traditional medal to those, who meet the new year in Lost Sector.


New implants
In this update, a new collection of implants was brought to Broxton. This time real ones, giving really new possibilities to your characters. Each of them adds an active or a conditional skill like the classes key skills. But everything has got a price – they are strongly affecting your health, worsening your HP or resistance.
The first set will have 4 implants:


H-PANIC "psy-panic"
Adds an active skill

  • Activation cost: 25 AP. Uses: 2.
  • Choose a character in a radius of 10m. He will receive -45 action points and +65 movement points for 1 turn. He will have immunity from being stunned and shocked to the beginning of his turn.
  • -10% resistance passively

An enemy or an ally loses a significant portion of fighting capability, but can successfully run away from you.


L-LOW "Low start"

  • In crouch position you will receive -40% resistance. If the turn started while crouched, you will receive +30 movement points and +20% resistance for this turn.
  • -10% resistance passively

Have a sit for the road and get a bonus. But choose a place for it very carefully.


T-MULTI "Multitasking"

  • If you damaged at least two different enemies at that turn, you will receive +20 movement points for the next one. Explosives do not count!
  • -15% HP passively

Spread the fire or find a position, to strike several enemies with one shot to get the bonus.



A-LOCK “Grip”
Adds an active skill

  • Activation cost: 40 AP. Uses: 1.
  • Choose an enemy in a radius of 1m. You and the enemy lose all AP for 1 turn. You receive -20% resistance. Doesn’t stack with the Juggernaut’s defense.
  • -15% resistance passively
  • (Doesn’t work in the “Hunter” event)

Get inside the enemy lines and block the most dangerous. Or catch up and grip an enemy scout. But remember, you are more fragile!



And the new implants are on the way!
These implants are added to the closed and pry opened containers. Grab the keys!
For those, who want to get the new implants for sure and right away, there is a new “Action” set container we added up, which contains only implants from the new set + a unique implant from the earlier patch T-RUSH. Can be purchased from Konoval in the Rebels base.


About other implants:
The implant, which gives a damage strengthening at the beginning of a match, receives a proper appellation T-RUSH and a passive penalty of -5% HP
H-HT-02: increased experience gaining 20%->33%
An additional personal container with implants can be exchanged for PvP tags.

New weapon
Barret M99-1 was added in immemorial times and for the whole history of LS was the most popular sniper rifle. A big gun, dealing a huge damage throughout the whole map. How can you possibly not love it? For many it was the one and only sniper rifle. But even they will have a choice now. Meet the Cheytac M200 – Barrett’s big brother. Massive large-caliber sniper rifle. Bigger, heavier and deadlier. Reduced mobility and uncomfortable reload are compensated with increased damage and distance. But beside that, it has a unique for Broxton trigger, fully removing damage scatter. Like an analogue of Barrett M99 it requires 12th level, and as a diamond weapon, it is untradeable and is sold prepared in the shop for gold and platinum.

Other changes to items:
Low-charge grenade launchers (GM94, EX41): flat shot 45->40 AP, increased accuracy in all modes
THOR: increased damage
VG grenade launcher: double-shot accuracy increased
Steyr L-A1: mobility 96->93
Serbu Supershorty: reload 35->30
Energy Shield: defense effect is incompatible with adrenaline-type drugs (like antistun).
Accuracy calculation for reactive launchers and the crossbow has been changed. Now instead of big, but improbable scatter they have lower, but highly probable. I.e. the missile, almost guaranteed, won’t hit there where you aimed, but it will deviate from it less, as it could before. With this, the vertical scatter and its display have been revised.
As for the crossbow, in a result, you can hit an open character that’s pretty far, but hitting a slit is less likely now. Besides, the crossbow receives a penalty, that is intrinsic for sniper rifles – accuracy loss in close distances.
Crossbow: accuracy “75”, mobility 72->70, minimal shooting radius 10->15, reload 30->40
Concentrated steroids can be exchanged for regulator chips. Expenisve. But I know how stocked you are..
“Kamikaze” cocktail: mobility 10%->15%, AP bonus 40->50

Ignore list is now working on letters.
The information window, that’s appearing when clicking RMB on a character, is now showing “current health”.
“Quick hands” and “Stash” are working properly with the snowballs now.
The Rebis expenses to craft a “Rebis-therapy” kit have been reduced.
The expenses of green polymers to craft a blue repair kit have been increased.
3 more levels of  “Banner” have been added - you can hire now up to 15 mercenaries.
“Large medical container” contains 5->7 items
“Commanders” event: the commander’s debuff has been decreased.
The positioning of checkpoints on some maps have been fixed.


Preparation for the next tournament:
Points capturing has been disabled
Participation allowance of only one character per account

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