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Happy new 2021

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Happy upcoming New Year, fighters!

Let’s begin with the holiday entertainments! From the 27th of December to 8th of January the traditional magical boxes will appear in battles, in which New Year magic and fireworks can be found, as well snowmen, which in severe combat circumstances can be dismantled into snowballs – active combat items with refreshing effects. The snowballs will pass right to your active items slots (if you have free space) and will stay with you to the end of the match. Bring-on the mass snow carnage! (More boxes at PvP)
What is to be done with the New Year magic? After collecting a bit of New Year magic in matches, go visit Santa Claus at the friendly locations and exchange it for surprise boxes. Inside you can find one random item from the list: credits, Polymers, paint, container with implants, temporary high-quality weapon, services, some more New Year magic or even permanent green or blue weapon or armor! Alternatively, you can exchange New Year magic right away for services or a paint. Hurry up, the New Year Magic will dissipate when the holidays end.
If you have accumulated a big stock of various excess PvE-tags try your luck and exchange them for a New Year’s gift box, maybe you’ll be lucky!
For avid arena fans, Santa has kept a special gift. You can exchange PvP-tags for green grade weapons right away!
And only once a year, some of the diamond weapons can be exchanged for New Year Magic!
Also for the whole time of the holidays +100% experience and credits rewards at all game modes!

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