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Shop "Guns and armor" welcome

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Hello again, guys and girls. Here u can trade stuff like guns, armor, ammunition and medicine. Just write youre in-game nickname and the stuff you want to trade.

P.S. As a rule, players trade green/ blue items mostly, but some grey/white are good for trading too.


1. Some white/grey weapons may be crafted, and are not sold by NPC merchants.

2. U can disassemble items into parts (resources) and polymers (if item is green or blue), to look , how many polymers item has, just drag it into the sell window of any NPC merchant, but don't drop. If u drop it - it will be sold or disassembled into parts.

3. U can calculate price of gun/armor by yourself (for trading with people) :

Price (max) = (green polymers * 500 + blue polymers * 2000) * 1.3 ; where 1.3 = 30%, youre profit from sale;

Price higher than that is too expensive and u will wait too long to sell it.

4. U can get polymers as a reward for some events, or as a drop from PVP\PVE battle bags, or u can exchange PVP tags for polymers from NPC merchant "Gear".

1 PVP Tag = 1 Green Polymer, 4 PVP Tags = 1 Blue Polymer;

5. PVP tags is a reward for PVP battles, for each PVP achievement u will get 1 PVP tag, the awards is:

10 BP
25 BP
50 BP
75 BP
100 BP
150 BP
250 BP
500 BP

6. In exchange for Platinum you may rent blue items from NPC merchant "Jazz" or buy unique items from NPC merchant "Ringo";
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