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Anarchists vs Prisoners

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Hey everyone, just a friendly topic about how I always seem to lose more soldiers when fighting the Anarchists and Diggers than I do when fighting the Prisoners or Rebels.  Does anyone else have this problem or am I just special :D.


I'm wondering if it's because the Anarchists/Diggers use melee weapons which hurt and they run in past my optimal fire range.  If thats true; I need a melee guy!

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Or u just need learn use youre shortgun: VG Shortgun, Shark, SPAS-12, AA-12. Alternative - not bad with Bereta 92F or SMG: MAC-11, TMP.  Some tips: white weapons also can be upgraded, +5 or +6 shortgun/bereta 92F very nice with melee mobs, but +0 not bad too.


VG Shortgun, shark shortgun, Ingram, Stayer TMP  not require skills to use it, but other need skills.

Изменено: Deniel, 14 Июнь 2014 - 05:56

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Hello, we trying to balance all mob gangs, including player progression, to avoid situation when one gang is so much difficult to play against it, and another - is very easy,

Any suggestions welcome

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Well, I 've catched up one suggestion between lines: to decrease the amount of melee fighters for Anarchy and Diggers gangs )

Or decrease their HPs.
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