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My nickname in game is Midd Le Finger. Im the leader clan „Kombinat H8”. In this post i want to start discussion with DEV's and other players about future Lost sector and all that problems which i see.

I play about 2 months so i can write about my opinions.


I want talk about Lost Sector because i think more communication with players and more discussion with dev will be good for all. If someone DEV can answer for this post will be great. Bc I wrote post with my suggestion and noone didnt answer from DEV;s. If someone has problem with english I can translate on russian.


Like i said i want start discussion bc on this moment i dont know which way to follow that game.


I like Lost Sector and i have big respect for people who created Lost Sector. It was fantastic move and idea for all people who likes jagged alliance or fallout or another tactical games.

On this moment we have alpha version (93 update) and we are going into beta. I m player who played a lot of mmo like world of warcraft, league of legends, dota 2, starcraft, quake 1 / 2 / Arena so i have experience about games with multiplayer.


I think – maybe this is wrong idea – but if i play lost sector i want talk about good and bad things in game.


First problem for me is bad BALANCE. Balance for pvp and pve. This game has big problem with that. I ll try explain that for PVE mode and PVP mode



We dont have too much mission on this moment and first problem for me is..”..Why im doing this mission/quest..”..I dont have any information about loots. I dont have any information about chance on better loot. I think it will be good idea if we can grab better items from bosses like Anihilator or Ghost or Copkiller. Special bags from bosses with special loot. I think this not problem for u guys(DEV;s). This is pure idea from world of warcraft. All people who walk to instance wants better items and they know which items they can grab. U should create list with items and the percentage of the chances. For example CopKiller has ...M249 saw Green (20 % chance) Wrench green ( 40% chance) Berreta White (55% chance) etc....Special items only from bosses..Ofc we need list with items which I can find on antoher territories For example on Contrabandits I have chance on..Black Roger 30% Collector Carbon Foam 20 % Green Knife 5% etc

I dont want talk about AI bc this is not big problem for me.On this is moment is (almost) good. Ofc i want more smart NPC but i understand this is only Alpha.


I think will be good if all melee items will rework On this moment we have not balanced this kind of weapon. Only Baton and police baton has addicted skills (daecreas MS) but...wrench or basballbat are useless. For me Knife = Bleeding, Baseball Bat = Stun (less than grende ofc ) Wrench = Blind (less than graned too). This is only proposition but i think this is good moment on discussion about melee weapons.


In last post i wrote about “exit” on pve. Still we do not have. I dont need on PVP but on PVE is very important.Pls DEV just create that. PLEASE. I know it was in game but we need that again. We need EXIT on PVE


I know this is only alpha version so i dont want more mission (but it will be great) i need fix this mission for example „freaks” Total unbalanced quest. One solution vs freaks is roof on high building with ladders and block this ladders. First problem ..Freaks stacks all time..Second problem freaks has too much MS..too much and this is problem if i dont want use tactic with roof.


Pve = grind ...Pve = farm.... Like i said i play 2 months and i have so many tags, chips and anothers badges from pve …...and what? And i still dont use them....We need any solution with this tags..

We need NPC with exchange. It will be good bc more people will want to go on pve for tags.

For example 20 Chips regulators u can exchange for 1 polymer or 10 prisoners tag for 5 mechanical parts. So u can trade your badges from pve on resource or we can switch 200 diggers tag for green Mk13...this is only example.. but i think this is not problem for u (DEVs).

We need more fun from PVE. Pve = Loot not only experience or cash.


I think all quest has too less experience if i can do only once day Triplex and i have from this mission only 1300 EXP plus for kills this is not enough.




I have big problem with pvp. First problem for this mode game is too less ppl in game. All time i play with players which i knows. Thats why i wrote to DEV about translation to polish. I worked with few buddies from my country (Poland) on translation about 1 month and we still work on that...I translated website bc this is good commercial for this game..I think this is good way for more new players in Lost Sector . In my country we have almost 90% games translated and this is fantastic way because many more players will be interested game. More players = more fun. And now we have too less ppl to pvp.

Second problem is ..All class are unbalanced.. On pvp all time i see juggernaut like a main class. All time I see one tactic on pvp “MarathonMan”. Only mobility and who will be first on finish. This is not nice tactic. Juggernaut needs rework. This class must has more defence but he must have less mobility. He has too much movement points. All class must works in game not only juggernaut with Dozer, with shield, with machinegun. Jugger is too strong. He must be like a “slowly wall”. Support needs rework about action points for all activity items. For example if i want put camera i needs 75 BP ..this is too much.. I think 50AP for Camera will be enough. Radar, Mines, Uav has too much AP for use too.. Thats why this class is not good on pvp.. Ofc sometimes if u have more practic if u have good map u can use this class very well. Less AP for active items will be better. It will be good way for support on pvp.

Commando needs rework on riffles. Almost all riffles needs more power...and better aim.. All riffles shot from left to right side..WHY?...i dont feel this weapons..I dont feel damage from this weapon..Of course if i have AUG3 +15 ..this is almsot good..but...this AUG3 +15 and this is only “almost”...Something is wrong with riffles...
Sniper is good class for pve and (almost) on 4v4 and maybe he is good on 3v3 ....Someone can say...i dont have right ...maybe...but i think problem for sniper are maps. We dont have too much maps good for sniper. Too much obstacles or maps are too small..


Few weapons needs rework too - like a dozer(too much dmg..TOO MUCH) or RPG (this AIM is ...really..I can throw a stone straighter )


I think will be better if u (DEVs) create new pvp mode..where i can take choose map .....Grade for weapon etc....Special mode with much more options Special mode where i can choice special rules ...only sniper only small map..etc..


I like pvp so much ..but i play only 2 months and sometimes i cant win vs clan with better items (blue +15) so i prefer on this moment lower lvls (6 -10). Ofc if i lose one match and i start next when i know who is my enemy i can try find good tactic but this is still hard. Ofc someone can say...Play more..buy better items..But this not good idea if i have still the same players and pve doesnt give me better items..only real cash...so ..this is question to DEV: “..This game is Pay2Win or Free2Play..”. So i think if i can downlevel from 15 to 6 why i cant stop lvl for example 8 or 10. I think pvp with 8 lvls are better more fun..and this matches has more balance. Pls DEV create some kind to „stop leveling”.It will be great.

I wrote one month post with suggestions and i wrote we need Counter for Turns/Clock turns.

We all needs know which turn is now..How many turns we have to suddenly deaths...Little counter in right corner (FIRST TURN...12 TURNS..etc) We need this clock so much....i need...this is big problem for u DEV?

On this moment we have 4 classes ...all class has skills ..we have 3 kinds grenades (or more) .and only 1:30 mins for move, for use all skils for use all items plus shot (with useless „movie camera” which take my time from turn). And I need hide my ass...so i think we need more time for turn in pvp match..ofc..im newbie..but i think we all needs...This game is tactical ??...or maybe this is arcade game ??..On this moment we have about 1:30 min...2 mins will be better....too less time...maybe only for me..

Big problem for me is ...I think on this moment i see a lot of people with “superspecial” powers from Marvel;s comics or directly from „Avengers”. Enemies can see me behind the wall like Hunter. Enemies has more movemant speed. Someone can say...U cant play....they are better ...they have drugs or another superspecial items..NO WAY!! I can count...I know how much i need AP on shot from dozer. How much command or jugger has mobility. I cant proof all cheats. For example I stay behind wall. I dont see enemy . He doesnt see me. I didnt see him and he didnt see me. But He exectly knows when he must use Adrenaline?...SKILL??? NO WAY..MAGIC?? NO WAY?? pure cheats ...what can i do? Screenshot? Or maybe do u need movie from twitch tv? What i should do? I can create list with ppl who (i think) use hacks..And what? What dev or supermoderator can do? Nothign?this is big problem ....big problem for all new players..who wants play pvp but still he meets cheaters..this good for Lost sector or not?


I dont care who comes which country..Im from Poland but in Lost Sector i dont care who is my enemy...If u come from russia or ukrain or jamaica i dont care.. I WANT KICK YOUR ASS ON BATTLEFIELD..So..I want more respect for ppl from my country i want more respect for all ppl from whole world..This is russian game but I dont care..This is only game and i dont want make screen from chat where i see something shit about ppl from poland...If someone has problem with that..this is big bullshit.....


Take the gun and meet me on the battlefield, if you're so articulate




In sum:

I think DEV u need fix few simple bugs and make Lost Sector more balanced. We dont need next armour. We dont need next weapon. We dont need superspecial animation for death..

We need trade for tags. We need fix bugs in mission. We need kill all cheaters. We need kill all cheaters and burn them on ash. We need fix UI and make more usefull. We need more balanced PVP.


Maybe this post is too negative but i want help and that was only my opinions..i try help all time ....

i translated with ppl this game on polish..(hard works)..we translated website....so i wanted start disscusion . This game is very close to Beta...I think it will be good idea create first cells/sections in antoher countries. From poland we have a lot of ppl. In lost sector u have few ppl from Turkay, German, Sweden, Croatia, UK, France so it will be good start for Lost Sector like a international game. This is good moment for Lost Sector discussion about that..

I just want play Lost Sector bc this is very good game..and thank u guys for created


Few questions dircetly to (Dears) DEV's :

Can u tell us about your idea with this game ? What do u want do in future?

Do u want put this game on Steam ? (bc i saw u had green light but still I dont see Lost Sector on steam)

Do u want Lost Sector for less ppl who likes jagged..or maybe do u want create game like a League of Legends from Riot (giant in E-sport) ?

Do u want Lost Sector in E-sport?

Lost sector will be more tactical or strategy??

Lost Sector wil be P2W or F2P?

Do u have any software Anti-Hacks in client?



On the end i have few very simple propositon:

-Mailbox which i can use to send items to other players (for example trade) I dont want wait when ill finish my mission or i need wait when my seller/buyer will finish his quest...

-Problem in this game is communication. I know this is russian game but i think we live in XXI centuary so we have google translator for example or another website where we can translate ...I just want copy from chat...and put f.e to Google translator.....

-create one npc to auction and other to trade and third to crafting...

-big problem with Aim if i have any obstacles in line of sighti cant aim. i dont see dot..this aim is not good...




Thats all

Sorry for too long post ...but...


Midd Le Finger

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In this game we have no balance because people make bad decisions.
I have no idea maybe they do it on purpose. Honestly I do not care why this happens but I want that people finally started get it right.


An example from last time:


Best class in game: Juggernaut

Second class: Commando

Best weapon in game: Shotguns

Second weapon: Sub-machine guns


What any normal thinking person in this situation should have do?

Should weaken Juggernaut & Shotguns.

And what we get?

Weaken Commando & Sub-machine guns


For me it is "Fuck logic".
Besides this game is not friendly to new players
A few of my ideas that should help change this situation:
1. Duel mode for new players  should be available until 10 level and not only to 6.
- on 6 lvl people just beginning to understand game and then they have to play vs people with best equipment.
- besides, they too quickly promoted to level 6.
2. Special 2x2 PVP mode available only for new players below level 10.
- Where new players can learn how to play Team Battle since as when they are promoted to level 6 must play versus the best players in game and have zero chance of winning.
3. Better rewards for contracts. 
- When I started people getting green baton as a reward. Why they do not get anything worthy now?
4. Possibility to report players in game menu:
- I understand that someone offends someone because he played badly but in this game people offend someone only because he comes from other country than him. 
- New player play PVE game with some other players. The second player kills him to take his drop.
- Old players deride the new players because they do not have a green or blue equipment +15 and they want that they stopped to play.

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my suggestion regarding time per turn:
when a player performs fast round (e.g. move from point A to B ),
that's half the time saved, added to the next round.
for example:
previous round lasted 24 seconds; 50 -24 = 26 savings seconds,
current round: 50 + 26/2 = 63 seconds per round,

cumulation seconds only from the previous turn.
Result: encourage players to fast movements, globally speed up this game, more time to complicated round

second suggestion:
after finishing the fight, must be available replay,
even in very simplified form:
free preview map,

button/slider to the setting of the number of round,
indication of the position players in set round (e.g. marker), level of health,
brief description of the performed action (e.g. stun+adrenalin...)

(example in the picture)
Result: analysis of tactics, checking an opponent, campers stop hiding (if they know, because can review their movements)




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Oh man, so much text... But i'll try give some answers with my bad english.

Ofc we need list with items which I can find on antoher territories For example on Contrabandits I have chance on..Black Roger 30% Collector Carbon Foam 20 % Green Knife 5% etc

Drop list is very huge. Some mobs has chance to drop half items existing in game. How do you imagine output information about it? 

In last post i wrote about “exit” on pve. Still we do not have. I dont need on PVP but on PVE is very important.

With exit in some quests you can just grab quest item and escape. It's not good.

i have so many tags, chips and anothers badges from pve …...and what? And i still dont use them....We need any solution with this tags..
We need NPC with exchange. It will be good bc more people will want to go on pve for tags.

In factory you can exchange anarchy tags on drugs and weapon. In future, it will be able for other bands, when we create something unique for each. Now tag - it is additional credit reward.

I wrote one month post with suggestions and i wrote we need Counter for Turns/Clock turns.
We all needs know which turn is now..How many turns we have to suddenly deaths...

If you need more accurate information about SD, so say it. I'll try rework messages in chat about SD

pve doesnt give me better items..

PvE can give you better items. But if it don't - it give you credits anyway. And you can buy almost ALL DONATE items from other users for credits.

On this moment we have about 1:30 min...2 mins will be better....too less time...maybe only for me..

See to other side: one battle is short? No. It will be even more long. And you will waiting other player even more long.

Can u tell us about your idea with this game ? What do u want do in future?


Do u want put this game on Steam ? (bc i saw u had green light but still I dont see Lost Sector on steam)

Yes. When game will be satisfying for us.

Do u want Lost Sector for less ppl who likes jagged..or maybe do u want create game like a League of Legends from Riot (giant in E-sport) ?

Turn base is not for everyone. It's slow and hard. But we will happy to see new players.
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Clan battles 4v4 on YT: at least 3 juggernauts in each team. 


1v1 = zero tactic. Just who will find enemy first or who will take the spot closer to center of the map and won't die from time penalties. Very disappointing first meeting with PvP

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I'll only refer to a few things from all you mentioned, such things that I've been affected by or involved at some way. There is a part of what Zeta has answered to you, for example about the turn counter for the SD, that I would've like to talk about, but since he gave an answer there is no point of me mentioning it again.


Drop list:

Zeta, you have said the drop list is huge and this might be a problem, but it shouldn't be. Here's how you can do it:

Just sort out the items by categories. Whoever wants to see what lays out in a specific category of a specific boss or any other enemy NPC at the maps, has just to open up the wanted category from the drop list, and see which items are included there and what are the chances. This can be also split into 2 ways of fulfilling, the one is the easier, to make a big encyclopedia, that can be added up to the [F1]button under the "achievements" section. The second, is to manually add up a description of specific boss or NPC to their areas at the town map, where they are crowding.



Attaching de-buffs to melee weapons:

This is just great, and will make some of these weapons more popular.

We have got the blowtorch which gives you a fire de-buff, and baton\police baton which give you MS de-buff. These are only 3 types of melee weapons with negative buffs, and I really liked the idea of adding some more like bleeding to machete\knife, or adding some amount of stunning to the baseball bat. And some weapons are to be left the way they are, like the axe, it's got good damage so it doesn't need any negative buffs.


Exiting battle fields (PVE):

As zeta already said, it will be incorrect to do this because for example at the quest you should burn anarchy flags, you can enter the map, burn 1-2 close flags and exit. (Even that there's no any assurance that you'll spawn close to the exit, it still feels wrong). But, instead, there are some quests that should reworked and fixed. If it is amount of opponents, amount of quest items that can be gathered or enabled at the quest, the variety of the quests or the way you take them. It's kind of silly to do an easy quest, then go back to whoever gave you this quest and go do it again.. it's just an annoying & useless waste of time. 



And.. of course a few words about the PVP paragraphs you wrote..

I personally don't see any way a support is unplayable, really. He has been reworked now and became really great for playing. Supports role is to support the other classes, not hold the whole enemy fire on himself & be a human shield, nor be a high damager. All the "high" AP prices for tech-active items are high so that you won't be able to throw a UAV and straight after go and throw a grenade at the discovered enemy. You use it for next turns, for your allies, for your team to know where he is, and where he goes. Juggernauts are a bit unbalanced indeed, they should get some less mobility for the cost of their high armor & defensive abilities.

A sniper is also not that easy to be handled, and usually it becomes hard to play as a sniper whenever you got spotted. When the enemy team sees you've got a sniper they play twice as carefully. But I see no people complaining about this class.. I personally don't play it, so I cant add a word from the sight of as, only from the view of with\against.

A rifleman is just fine as the rest, they are playable and you see people actually play them. I personally play the support and the rifleman roles at most, and I don't see any reason they are unbalanced or anything. There is imbalance at item grades, but not classes, at the moment. 


About the map types, it's always nice to have some more options for playing, but really, its not for now. There's not enough online for those match types that already exist now, if you will add some more, there will be people playing specific types of matches and everyone will be waiting a year long for a battle to begin.


Adding up some time is both good and bad. Zeta has said the bad side, you have said the good side. if battles will be going too long its not a fun thing to deal with either to miss actions due to a small time amount.. I think there should be something in between 2minutes and 1:30 minutes, like 1:45 minutes


There are some players that basically guess where you are and use adrenaline, I happen to do so a lot, especially against new players. I don't think its because of cheats or whatever.. its just the acknowledge of the game, you get as you play more and understand more. There are also situations when you don't see the enemy but he sees you, and you of course can't know that, because either you don't see him and he sees you so you are not even aware of him, or you see him but you're not sure if he sees you or not.. I think there should be something like a few seconds mark on an enemy who sighted another enemy (there's now the auto-stop) and whenever you pass more to have better shooting % at him, and he finally see you approaching, you see if he's got that mark, which will mean he sighted you whenever you sighted him, or if he doesn't have that sight mark, which will mean he saw you before you saw him.


And about the people there are some kids also playing this game, it doesn't mean we should stop cursing or whatever, just the appropriate faces should be punished, trust me people screenshot curses from other people from private chats to any other chat and just post it at the forum, violators are punished. It's not that hard to do, really. if it doesn't suit you, just ignore them, its faster and easier.


Some of the other things you wrote are in progress, they are already been thought about, and are in plans for development, as far as I know.. look at the thread link Zeta has gave you at his answers.

There is a bad thing I personally think and see of this whole thread and it is that things that are required now, are not being worked on, and things that are not needed yet, or at all, are being added up like new death animation. It's really bad, you shoot someone at his back and he's getting thrown at the direction the bullet\missile was shot at him, not at the same direction it flew to him. It is not perfect yet but I believe it will be, only thing I don't understand is why now? I think the developers' prioritization list is wrong and should be reorganized.

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