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PVP balance...

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I playing this game for a month or more, and in last weeks i played some pvp matches.


After first matches i was disappointed. There is no balance at all.




Yes, its a big problem, in first match i was playing against guy with carbon armor and blue m4a1... i had only white armor and m4a1, so its was fantastic match.... not. 


I understand that lost sector is in alpha stage, but in future we MUST HAVE PROPER WORKING BALANCE SYSTEM.

Without balance many new players won't stay for long.


My idea is to create battle ranking, something that would value equipment which we use.


How will it work?


Simple, first off, all pvp matches should have level dispersion(lets say 3 for example), it means that with level 10 you can play pvp matches with 7-8-9-10-11-12-13 levels. I Dunno if 3 is good lvl dispersion, that need to be tested.


Battle ranking. Lets say, white M4a1 is 7.5 points, green is 10 points, and blue is 15 points, every +1 would add +0.5 to battle ranking. So White m4a1 +10 would have 10 BR points(just like green m4a1 +0). 


How would it work? matchmaker will find players with similar lvl and BR, so every player have same chance. Because now most players wins matches not because they are good player, but because they have blue stuff and fight with ppls with withe stuff(its called sealclubbing)  


It's only suggestion, BR of items should been higher or lower, based on...??? i don't know, it's need disscusion




(1x1v1x1 pvp match)


Johny is lvl 6 and have white vanguard light armor III+1 (10,5 BR points), and white scar +3(9 BR points) 

Robert is lvl 6 and have green carbon armor+4 (12 BR points), and blue M4a1 +11(20.5 BR points) 


Summarizing. Johny have 19,5 BR points


Robert have 33 BR points


So there is a difference of 13,5 BR points. They have similar lvl, but balance systems shouldn't allow for this match because there is huge difference in BR. 


And once more - this should be added later, when more ppls will play. 

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Your idea about BR is very good - but it will work fine when server becomes more populated only.

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Your idea about BR is very good - but it will work fine when server becomes more populated only.

Also, Its will work if old players put on white, when they going to farm noobs.

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