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Non shared loot = half of people will play solo

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Someone just picked up gun in front of me but i didn't also get that gun... Sorry but from now on i will play solo for rest of my game time. If i can't i'll uninstall your game.

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What exactly is your problem? You were in a party, and someone has received a gun as a drop?
There can be 2 explanations to this:

1. It's a total random working system. One time he can get something good, randomly, the other time he can get something good again, or you, again.. its all up to the random system.

2. You entered a group, where the leader has chosen a lootshare option "leader sets" - he Is receiving all the items being picked up as a drop, and after the battle he decides whether he wants to share something or not. Manually, by trading his party members, and, IF he wants to.

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