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only one problem with this game

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its p2w or grind your ass off. that doesnt work in 2014 anymore. its sad because this game could be a real gem. sorry but with all respect you are doing it wrong.
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And why do you think it's a P2W game? You can buy every single gold item for in-game currency credits and\or platinum. Yeah, you need to sweat a bit to get cash\platinum, but no one said it will be easy, and why would it be? Otherwise every player would have any possible item he wants with ease.
There are a few ways of making easy & free money, farming NPC's (some of them could drop some rare active items that can be sold to other players for profit), trading different kinds of items, which were bought at low price\received as a drop, to be sold at a high price. These are the main ways of making some cash, and you could just combine quests with farming and trading meanwhile..

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