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Im fairly new to this game, but am enjoying it, but finding it hard to find a clan to join. Ive partied up with players for missions, but up until now.. no english speaking people, so its hard to ask in game. I was just wondering if there are any english speaking faction out there that are active?

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Hey, there are a few clans with English\Polish speaking players, as well as some solo-players who speak English, which are more or less active.
I'm not pretty sure about their activity, but I know not a long ago they were still active.

Polish\English speaking clan - 27th place at top - WhiteEAGLES
Polish\English speaking clan - 53rd place at top - KombinatH8
German\English speaking clan - 73rd place at top - AlphaSquad


There are some Russian speaking players who speak English as well.. I don't think there will be much trouble to get answers, asking things at different game chats. I'm sure someone will help you out.

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