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Update 98

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New items
• New Premium-shotgun FN TPS. Analogue of Benelli M4 for the 12th level. Has a bit higher damage, Mobility, 7 cartridges in a clip and 21 in reserve. In Premium-shop and rent.
• New machinegun RPK 74. The continual of the SAW line for the 9th level. The long barrel increases the accuracy of aimed shooting, but the burst accuracy is somewhat lower. 40 AP for reload. In craft and rent.
• New Premium-Machinegun MG4 for the 10th level. Differs the RPK 74 with a bit higher damage and mobility. The accuracy of burst shot is higher, but of the aimed is lower. In Premium-shop, rent and craft.
• New active item: Ammunition stock. Creates on the floor 2 crates, which can be activated by other characters, to fill up their bullets stock. Available via craft & shop.

Item changes
• FN FAL: +2 damage
• The whole line of light shotguns: damage decreased by 3-5.
• Dozer: accuracy 39->37
• All shotguns: melee hit radius 1.2->1.5
• Some melee weapons: hit radius is increased.
• Glock 18: ammo stock 32->48
• WA2000: snap accuracy +1
• Black Roger: duration 10->5 turns, damage in a turn 5->10
• Antistun doesn’t give immunity to shock anymore.
• Dirty Rebis: chem. Grenades skill (Available to all, except the Juggernaut), type - equipment (doesn't fall under the grenades restriction)
• Rebis grenade B: Additionally extinguishes burning characters and gives immunity to ignition inside the cloud.
• Camera, infrared camera and radar can now be removed for 85 AP during a battle or after it's finished, if the item is not ruined. Any character can pick it up. Durability is decreased to 50.
• EMP grenade: throwing distance 20->30 meters.
• Vanguard Medium Armor I/II/III: costs for crafting are decreased, as well as polymer costs for getting colored items & prices of unbound and sale.

• Skills for inventory and personal warehouse have been added up for gold. Search at the personal abilities tab.
• Scout’s "Concentration": 30 AP for activation, effect +20% damage for close and far battling to the end of the turn, -20AP on the next turn.
• "Lucky coin": Saves from one deadly shot or explosion, but leaves only 50% of the current health and 0% armor, and also causes blindness for 1 turn when triggered. This damage does not count by abilities, which are activated by the received damage.
• "Fair verdict": Mobility bonus 10->20.
The "Inspiration" effect now can exchange the "Sprint" effect, if it was given later.

Quests and events
• New quest from Ralph for newbies of 3rd level. Passing on mine fields, surviving between a hammer and an anvil and other exploding helicopters. Gives Ralph after collecting metals and +3 level.
• New contract "Animal-tamers" for levels 11+. Regulators and freaks on one side.
• New event "Trial and error method". Experience random potent stimulators in one 3v3 battle.
• New event "Little flags for juniors". Set aside the top equipment & the character’s high level and refresh your memory, how was it on low levels at the 3v3 flag capture.
• «Eye of the storm» event: Each player takes only one mercenary.

• A couple of new freaks in the flock: The fast Delta freak, which runs far, but hits only 1 time, and the big Furious Freak, which has not yet grown to alpha, but makes real efforts.
• A flaming Insenirator has been added up to the Regulators, equipped with the M202A2 Flame Rockets Launcher. Regulators zone of 16th level has been added up.
• The parameters of many bandits have been reworked, some became stronger, some weaker, many mobs have received new weapons from the latest patches.
• Mob picking system for battles has been reworked. Now in a battle there will always appear not less than 3 mobs and not more than 14. If in order to resist a higher number of players there is a need in more mobs, instead of this some of them are receiving a «Veteran» buff: +100% health and +50% damage, together with a double-loot. The raise of quantity and level of mobs has been decreased a bit. It’s easier to see veterans at the prisoners-7, resistance-8, freaks-13 when playing with 6+ mercenaries.
• Mobs power at zones of one gang of different levels now differs less.

Etc. changes and additions
• When entering the game, the information from the clan-info will appear in the clan chat.
• In the description of active items it now shows what’s their type (to determine, if it falls under the restriction of grenades or no).
• At PvP skirmish, the weight of a group with 4x characters is a bit increased.
• BP/clanBP Bonuses summing, at the battle results from a few characters now conducts as the bonus of the maximum +10% from others, instead of an average value.
• The player skills can now be learnt while being in a battle.
• To the menu, there has been added a button, opening the forum.
• Now the prestige level is displayed in Roman numerals.
• For the activators, which can be attacked (Cameras and radar) an «activate» option has been added up to the regimes list. Can be scrolled with the mouse wheel.

Etc. fixes
• Now when trying to melee attack a camera\radar there will be built an optimal path to them.
• Getting stuck because of running into objects, when laying a path for loot, has been fixed.
• A bug, which due to loot picking, crafting, trading, it was possible to fill the inventory more than the maximum slots, was fixed. The option to excess is left for daily bonuses and other rewards from achievements and quests, as well as loot, which is picked with the «collector» booster at solo.
• Now you can drag an active item from the active slots to the inventory, if such a stash already exists in the inventory, even if its full.
• When switching the windowed game mode the interface reorganization should appear correctly, as a result its elements should always be at their legitimate places.
• Locations in profiles are now displayed correctly.
• Rebis B grenade radius if fixed.
• The situation with the "Common touch" aura has been fixed, when the buff would disappear from one support if the other one has moved away.
• The wrong display of counter-skills has been fixed. (Damage meanings of higher than 128 – have been displaying negative values).
• The display of "Weapons expert" for the 13th level at the abilities tree has been fixed.
• In "The lost trophy" contract, bandits appearing after the end of the battle, if picking up the machinegun, is fixed.
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