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Update 99

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New items
Three new assault rifles.
The classic M16A2 – Premium for the 7th level. Differs the M4 Carbine with destructiveness, bigger weight and lower minimal radius. Available at premium-shop, craft and rent.
Top rifles of medium radius – The premium TAR21 for the 12th level and the widely available F2000 for the 11th level. They continue the AK74 line and differ it by more accuracy, destructiveness, but with a bigger weight as well. The TAR21 is available at premium- shop and rent. The F2000 is available at craft.
And by this, the main AR (Assault Rifles) set can be considered as finished.
A brand new semi-automatic revolver-shotgun Protecta for the 7th level. Can be exchanged for Raiders’ tags. Features –decreased AP for a shot and an increased drum.
To the band-tags exchanges there have been added green grade QBZ and Protecta.
Also, in exchange for raiders’ tags you can now get the new active item – Raiders’ “Home-made UAV”. He is weaker than the standard one, but does not require any special skills.
Clan events
Clan events – is a new PvE entertainment for the whole clan. Once a week the clan leader can launch a special quest, which can be done only by the clan members. There is a general mission in front of them all, which they must fulfill for a specific time – then everyone receive rewards.
To access the menu of clan events, talk with Dirk at the Rebels base. A more detailed description about the mechanisms of the clan event, can be seen at the same window, just by clicking on the question-mark sign.
The first clan event will be familiar to the most veteran players. Those same severe “Emitters”, from which the events at LS have began, but with new features. The point is: Someone has placed on the maps’ emitters, which lure the freaks. And until all the emitters on the map won’t be deactivated, each turn will bring in new freaks. When deactivating each emitter, all the freaks on map will receive a shockwave, which decreases their mobility and AP for 1 turn. You will have to find the optimal tactic of movement and emitter-gathering, while fighting fat and mad freaks, among whose going to be veterans too. The missions: Victories, Kills and emitters deactivation.
Hotkeys system
The hotkeys system has been introduced. Now for such actions as reloading, turn skipping, abilities’ usage and etc. you can set a key and it will be visible at the GUI. You can assign a key for almost anything at the battle that you’ve been clicking on with your mouse before. By default, all settings are left as before. You can assign the new bindings by your own at settings ->other->controls
Items changes
AR of high radius: aimed damage +3...4
AR of medium radius: damage +/-1
FN FAL: damage +3
м79: distance 32->26, min. damage -5
Milkor: accuracy 23->24
MG36: min. radius 8->10
Dozer: Level 11->12
Calico M950 available for craft
Machete: damage 29-71 -> 40-60, AP for a hit 33->30
Axe: mobility 80->82, AP for a hit 50->45
Blowtorch: mobility 95->96
EM grenade: mobility penalty 5%->10%
Acid grenade: damage 20-30->20-40
Improved acid grenade: damage 30-40->30-50
Stun grenade: explosion radius 3->2, damage 15-30->10-20
Ammo stock: Craft price is decreased, AP for installation 40->20
“Ceres” light shot: AP for use 35->30
Light Rebis injection: AP for use 20->10, available at craft
Medium Rebis injection: AP for use 20->15
Punks “Mint”: AP for use 35->30
Punks “Jiga”: mobility penalty 7%->5%
The Rebis cloud effect has been visually changed. Should affect FPS less
Rent prices have been reviewed. Discounts are from 10% to 70%!
Concentration: damage 20%->25%
Put off the ballast: Mobility 15%->20%
At the arena, newbies and low level characters can now get docked to 3x3 battles, if it is unable to find a 4x4 battle. Everything is automated and is not visible from the outside.
PvP test 1 and 2 are changed by order: first you must play as 2 characters, and then as 1.
Rewards for damage done have been increased a bit.
The bonus for a longer battle has been increased.
By default, the search at the arena is going by a random mode.
The damage of the attack, which knocked the “Lucky coin” down, is now counted at statistics and rewards.
The contract “Animal-Tamers”: the time for a turn is increased (120 seconds) and the quantity of freaks is increased as well.
There have been added contracts against the Raiders “Rebis supplies” and “Iron patrol”.
The quantity of mobs at the contract “Iron patrol” is decreased.
Raiders are armed with Protecta
The reward for damage done is decreased a bit.
The bonus for a longer battle has been increased.

Etc. Fixes
A bug, when after the explosion of an installable object, the client could stop displaying changes at the game, has been fixed. This was often met after the explosion of the drone at the “Scout drones”.
Now a letter sending is clearly requiring the filling of all fields. Earlier when trying to send an unfilled letter, the window was being transferred to the letter list.
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