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Update 100

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Jubilee update under the number 100!

Finally the magical number 100 has arrived and it is time to officially move Lost Sector into the next stage.
We are happy, that you have been playing with us at past updates and helped improving the game. In commemoration of this milestone transition, we are awarding all our persistent players with small memorable presents.
Anyone, who reached level 10 by today, are awarded with the "Stalker" title. This title symbolizes, that you weren't afraid to come across the unsettled lands of the Alpha and get far enough. Anybody who bought gold, are awarded with the "Progressor" title. This title symbolizes, that with your actions you helped establish the game and helped other players live through the alpha with bigger comfort. You can choose a title at the NPC-Agent (where new mercenaries can be bought).

The full-scale launch of open-beta and relevant events will be announced later. At the moment the "Alpha" status is gone! Hurray!

Coupon exchange
It's time to say goodbye to one of the most oldest and valuable item in Lost Sector – the coupon. For many players it became a currency and finally it's the time to cash it out. How it was promised a long-long time ago, a special tier of items has been added, which can be exchanged for Lost Sector coupons!
VG weapons – Vanguard weapons. Veteran players might remember, that these weapons used to be for low levels. This is a historically important weapon set, which was created the first at Lost Sector and for a long time these weapons were the only ones in the game. They are created in a futuristic style, to match the main armory and highly differ from the other weapons of LS, which was made according to really existing weapon prototypes. Now they received great new parameters and an improved appearance, and are ready to shine, like in the beginning of their Vanguard career. The next items are available:
• Lethal and accurate VG pistol
• Double-barreled VG shotgun
• Rapid-firing VG sniper rifle
• Universal VG assault rifle
And two items, which do not have such history, but were also promised:
• A big Sledgehammer, stunning upon a hit with a new hit animation.
• Golden AK47 with decreased damage scatter.
• All of this is flavored with the new "Hornet" paint, performed with the official Lost Sector colors and with a new helmet "Warden"
Those items can be bought at the coupon changing NPC.

The coupons themselves are almost gone from sales! You have the last 14 days, to acquire them! Nothing will happen with the already purchased coupons – they will be at your hands, until you will decide, what to do with them.

Etc. new items
• Infra-sound generator – new active item. Throwing device. After being set it charges for 1 round and emits an impulse, causing the surroundings to feel fear. The fear turns all the action points into movement points. Affects through obstacles. Doesn't affect mobs. Ideal for smoking out enemies of their shelter.
• С4 – New active item. A bomb with a timer mechanism, exploding after 1 round. Predict, where will the enemy move at his next turn, to cause him huge damage. Can be bought at the gold-shop or crafted.

Explosive case
A small unusual entertainment while awaiting a long turn in a battle. At all the combat locations, with a small probability, Robert's special case can appear. The one, with which he was hunting the diggers. The case is not highlighted in any way and is hidden well. Will you have enough patience to find all the cases? If so, then at the end a small, but unique present is awaiting you. Achievements with the counting of all the cases are added to General ->Searches.

Two new clan PvE events "Post mortem interrogation" & "Double hack". These events are plot-related and to access the second you should fulfill the first. "Post mortem interrogation" will require you to actively move at the map, to make it on time to grab self-destructing items, which drop-off from mobs, and "Double hack" will require these skills doubly, to also manage to get the valuable load!

A penalty for leaving a clan is added. Now, after leaving\being dismissed from a clan or a clan’s disbanding, you cannot join a new clan for 4 days.
A confirmation window has been added to dismissing from a clan and inviting to a clan. Now to miss a button is not so terrible.

• SVD: aimed - accuracy 73->74, radius 25-40->20-40; snap accuracy 56->64, radius 15-35->14-33; damage scatter is decreased
• SR25: aimed radius 20-44->18-42; snap accuracy 56->64, radius 15-35->14-33; damage scatter is decreased
• FN TPS available at premium-craft.
• Shock-baton: damage 33-56->20-35
• Police baton: damage 37-60->15-32
• M202A2: mobility 60->62, launch 50->45 AP
• RPG and M72 LAW: accuracy +1
• Scar and Steyr AUG A1: mobility +1
• Glock 18: damge is increased a bit
• Desert Eagle: mobility -1
• UZI, UMP45, Calico M950: damage is increased a bit, damage scatter is decreased
• TMP, MAC-11: mobility +3, damage decreased
• PP2000: mobility +3, damage decreased, ammo stock decreased
• Mines setting sound is removed (so it won’t warn enemies).
• The animation of an axe hit is improved.
• Some gold colors are now available in exchange for PvP tags. There, where the polymers exchange is.

Abilities: The skill "Adjustment fire" is now gives +1 meter of maximal radius and -1 meter of minimal radius with every shot (Shooting closer than 2 meters is still not allowed)

Forces coefficients for matchmaking are changed a bit. Now ranks affect less, items affect more.
As an experiment: While waiting in the queue for more than 15 minutes, the matchmaking does 2x2 battles available.

PVE: The contract "Iron patrol": at the 1st round the droids receive "Blind defense".
FIX: Rare cases of "Black room" loading instead of a battle.

Update size: 344 mb.
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