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Update 101

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Update 101 released! 

New items
* New unique shotgun Keltek KSG slug. It comes with a lifetime supply of slugs. Unlike other shotguns he fires single heavy bullet instead of fan of pellets. The bullet flies farther and have the appropriate type of damage. Look for in a platinum store. Time sale is limited!
* New light sniper rifle M39EMR. It is more affordable analogue of SR25. New weapon has lesser mobility, higher damage and requires 11 level to equip. You can craft it, find in loot or rent for platinum.
* New light sniper rifle SVU. It has highest mobility among all sniper rifles. This rifle looks like SVD (Dragunov) with shortened barrel. Because of it, it has higher mobility, but lesser firing range. Requires 12 level. Green quality one can be bought for gold. Blue quality SVU can only be rented for platinum. There is discount now!
* New assault rifle G3A3. It is in service with contrabandists gangs. This rifle has high firing range and requires 10 level to equip. You can exchange contrabandists personal IDs for it.
* A case with gold. Use it to transfer gold from player to player. We do not support any other way of trading gold, but we are receiving a lot of complaints about scams. Thats why we have decided to give you legal way to transfer gold. It is safe but expensive. Find it in gold shop.
* A container with polymers. It contains green and blue polymers. It supposed to be more profitable than disassembling of gold weapons. Find it in gold shop.
* Monthly sets of services. You can find Monthly Comfort Set of Autoloot, Medical Insurance and Guide in gold shop. Together they are cheaper! There is Monthly fighter set which consist of BP boost, BP clan boost and new credit boost Enterprise.
* Set of 3 experience boosts for 25 gold. Autoloot for 7 days is not tradable. Added new autoloot bonus. It lasts for 21 hour and expends only when playe online.
* Cost of rent was cut down twice!
* Chance of upgrade with Platinum upgrade kit was increased from 75% to 80%. It will allow you to upgrade items two times cheaper.
Changes in weapon characteristics
* All assault rifles: minimal radius of Aimed and Burst attack was decreased by 1.
* TAR, F2000 clip 30->32, Ammo included 60->64
* FAMAS clip 28-30, ammo included 56->60
* QBZ: damage increased
* M60, PKM, RPD: minimal radius of Snap attack 16-15
* M249 SAW, RPK-74, MG-36, MG4: Damage of Burst attack decreased by 5%
* Glock 18: mobility increased by 1
* Light shotguns: accuracy was increased a bit
Changes in active items
* EMP Grenade: effect decreases mobility for 10%->17%
* Punks Jiga: effect increases resistance for 15%->20%
* Vesta light pills: effects increases health for 32->50
* Atlas light shot got new effect: increases resistance to explosions, melee, fire by 30% for 10 turns. 40 AP to activate.
* Black Roger: decreases current health for 10->7 per turns
* Bacchus Light injection got new effect: Sets sight range equal to 40. Gains immunity to any other blind effect.
* Armor Seal Gel: increases current defence for 12-20 points, regenerates defence for 8->15 points per turn for 3-2 turns.
* Armor Seal Gel M2: increases current defence for 14->30 points, regenerates 8->10 points per turn for 3->2 turns.
* Collectors Carbonic Foam: increases current defence for 20 points, increased chance to loot from Collectors
* Acid grenade: causes 12->30 damage per round for 2 rounds
* Improved acid grenade: causes 15->20 damage per round for 3 rounds
* Stun grenade: explosion deal 10-20 -> 5-10 damage
* Rebis grenade A: effects increases health for 25->30
* Infrasound generator: AP cost 50->40, throwing range 15->25, do not requires scout class, type: gear. You get a chance to find it in Daily Bonus.
* C4: AP cost 50->20, radius 6->7. You get a chance to find it in Daily Bonus.
* Home-made UAV: radius 10->12. You get a chance to loot it from Raiders.
* Removed items traded for obosolete arena tokens
* New skill for Support "Quick reload"! Reloads the main weapon, without spending the ammunition. It replaces unpopular "Sense".
* "Sense" is now available for Scouts on 8 level and for Supports on 12 level
* "Put off ballast": increases mobility for 20-30.
* New map "Arsenal". It divided to two locations. They are available in PvE and in PvP. You can find it on Alliance territory.
* Visual improvements in "Emporium tower" and many other locations.
* Weather effect - rain on location "Pier"
* Sky over "Fuel station", "Trains terminal", "Construction Site", "Warehouses"
* Visual and performance improvements of "Rebels Base"
* Ceiling in locations "Parking", "Police Department", "Shooting range", "Player's Jail"
* Collision model of many objects was refined. Some trucks will be unavailable to climb until next update.
New event "Commanders"
Its format is 3 vs 3. One player in each command will become a commander. He will be weakened, but his presence will strengthen nearby allies. To win a battle you need to kill enemy commander. Whether commander should stay near teammates to help them or hide to save own life?
You can choose 1 to 3 mercenary to register to event. Server will choose most suitable to start balanced match.
* Importance of level was increased in comparing strength of enemies.
* System of balancing combatants with buffs was enabled and reworked. Now if one team much weaker than other, then weak team will receive additional damage and resistance.
* Ranges of strength was increased. It should be easier to start a match. We hope this will help you to get positive experience. This bonus is less than you can get from items. You still need better equipment to win.
* You can find explosion barrels in arena matches. It is experimental feature.
* Monthly reduction of clan battle points was increased from 25% to 40%. Make Way for Youth!
Referral system
* Unbelieveable! Referers now get 5% of gold, donated by their referred friends.
* Bonus for referred players was changed from Small Medicine Container to Large Medicine Container.
* Now you will get a notification about reward from referral system
PvE and contracts
* If you start simple PvE Encounter, you have a chance to be trapped. Mercenaries will spawn in the center of a map. Enemies will spawn on map borders from different sides.
* Some high level mobs now have passive skills.
* Contract "Trifling matter": reward was increased
* Contract "Animal-tamers": quantity of freaks was increased
* You get notification on initial questline when you need to talk to Ralph.
* PvP tutorial is now enabled from 5'th level
* Berserk attack animation was improved
Clan encounters
* Quantity of players per team was changed for clan events "Post-mortem interrogation" and "Double hack". Now you need 2 players with 3 mercenary each.
* Quantity of PDA in both events was increased
* "Post-mortem interrogation" reward was increased
* Probably fixed visual bug with event cooldown.
* Now clan leaders can allow or deny possibility to launch clan event for any rank
Territory captures
* Map Hospital was replaced with map Containers yard
* Owner of the location now have a priority on registration. Owners can register even if rating of their clan is low. Team of owners will replace other clan with lowest rating.
* If group leader was offline, reward will be transferred to next group member
* Minimal level was increased from 6 to 10.
* Added new clan skill "Organization premium". It increases maximum of clan members for 2
Other fixes and changes
* We have fixed some cases of stucking on the stairs.
* Mobs will no longer dangle around for whole duration of a turn.
* New highly-contrast crosshair for shooting from first-person view
* Cone of spread of bullets is now animated
* Shots in melee distance do not deal damage
* Crash log handler was fixed. If your client will crash, then you should find a log in installation folder and add it to bug report.
* Now you will see damage of weapon, affected by all positive buffs, which was present at the beginning of the turn.
* Added a tip about option to try-on item in shop
* Fixed a problem with Berserker skill. Its counter will no longer reset when other mercenary of same player will start its turn.
* Invisible items will no longer stuck in inventory slots.
* Improved behavior of inventory window.
* Contents of inventory will not be snuffled on inventory overflow.
* "Exit battle" button will be properly displayed if player closes window with "Esc" button.
* Now you will get error message if you can not save replay.
* Replay naming format was changed.
* Message about turn changes will be showed lower than before. It should not obstruct clicking on buttons in battle results window.
* Subtitles will be shown for longer time.
* Achievement progress message will be displayed over all other windows.
* Scrollbar on list of mercenary skills will be shown properly.
* Minimap scale will be decreased for 2 times. Minimap should be more useful now.
* If player already took 9 prestiges and reached 15'th level, he will not see blinking message "Raise prestige"
* Tooltip for experience bars was improved.
* New PvP tags will no longer be tradeable. Old PvP tags can be transferred to new.
* Infrasound generator damage bug was fixed.

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