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Patch 101b

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Frightening events shall have been happening in the Lost Sector until November 2! Pumpkins will appear in all PvP arena skirmishes. They will scary to death careless merenaries. But those who will come up to them in time will get candy or scull or maybe something else. Look for scarecrows in Police department or in Rebels base to exchange skull for a festive helmet or for firework. You will able to wear festive helmet during all next week.
If you want to fight against evil beings then you can buy flame rocket launcher from scarecrows in exchange for gold and platinum.
In addition, you will receive 50% more experience and credits in all battles.
Various changes (v101b)
  • M202A2: explosion radius +1.5 m (like Molotov), splash radius +1 m (more, than molotov have), applies negative effect -15% fire resistance to improve the efficiency of subsequent attacks
  • Keltec KSG: mobility 79->80, accuracy of aimed shot +1
  • G3A3: ammo 40->60
  • Machete: mobility 90->89
  • Hatchet: mobility 82->84
  • Sledgehammer: mobility 75->78
  • Improved acid grenade: periodic effect deal 20->32 damage per turn for 3->2 turns
  • Punks rage Powder: increases damage by 50%->30%, but decreases mobility by 13 ->8
  • Discharges of large numbers in trade and inventory are separated by a space.
  • Order of turns is now indicated near character name.
  • In first-person aiming mode you will see all floors and obstacles.
  • Visual effect of applying blindness was returned. You will see it after triggering skill "Lucky coin" too.
  • You will find dangerous barrels in PvP skirmishes.

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