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Talent calculator

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If you want to:
  • Plan talent distribution for your mercenaries
  • Show your plans to your friends
  • Know exact properties of any weapon of any quality
  • Compare any two weapons or armor
Then visit Lost sector talent calculator.
This is how it look:
To learn talent, click it with left mouse button (or with single tap, if you use touch-screen).
To unlearn talent, click it with left mouse button again. Click more, if this talent have multiple ranks.
To equip item, you can drag and drop it to apropriate slot or just click on its name in item pool.
To remove item, click red word "clear" near its icon.
Click gray-white-green-blue rectangles to set quality of item.
Drag slider to set level of upgrade of item.
If you want to share your thoughts, click white field near word "link" in the top. Then click Ctrl+C to copy.
Paste it anywhere you want.
Example: support-sniper.
You can also link to specific item. Click on the underlined name of equipped item.
Example gray Barrett M99-1
There you can compare this item with any other. Same for armor.
If you want to know how item is named in Russian, you can change language of interface near word "Game version" in the top".

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Несмотря на то, что мы тут обсуждаем разные штуки, в первую очередь нам всем нужна большая долгая цель.

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