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Update 104

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New items
Unique pistol - Makarov. Improved version of USP45 with two special properties:
It's not bounded to any class. Have you ever wish secondary pistol for your juggernaut or support with 100% mobility? Now you can get it.
Makarov comes with a special holster, allowing to swap weapons for 0 AP.
You have two weeks to buy this pistol. You need gold and platinum for it.


Revolving grenade launcher "RG-6 dwarf". Upgrade for your Milkor grenade launcher for 11 level with reduced weight and increased damage. Because of short barrel, it has reduced range. You can loot it from mobs, craft it or rent for platinum.


Premium revolving grenade launcher THOR. Final version for 12 level. It have heavy weight and long range. Clip contains 8 grenades with reduced damage. Each shot consumes 25 AP. It is ideal for characters with Adjustment fire. You can craft it, buy in premium shop or rent.

Those two ones are last standard explosive weapons.


Items changes

  • VG shotgun: Damage increased, +1 to mobility
  • PKM: damage decreased, -1 to mobility
  • HK21: damage increased. Can be rented.
  • P90: mobility +2
  • KRISS Vector: damage decreased, +2 to mobility
  • Calico M950: -3 to mobility
  • UMP45: damage increased, -2 to mobility
  • Uzi: -2 to mobility
  • EX41: Can be rented
  • Crossbow: rent cost decreased
  • Active item "Double grenade" now works like two separate grenades.


Added hand implant, which increases critical hit chance and decreases mobility. You can find it in Locked Atanor labs container.
List of implants in Locked Atanor labs container was changed. Unpopular implants was removed.

  • A-MT-04: swap cost -8 -> -9
  • H-HT-02: Experience gain 10% -> 20%
  • Implants lose condition 2 times longer in PvE.
  • Worn implants decrease health by 20 points.


We have improve tournaments interface. Added tips and reward information.
Tournament rules and dates will be announced later.


Added spanish language!


Quests and events
Added new contract "Enemy of my enemy". Join to the fight between regulators and freaks.
Contract "Demining works" was returned to game. You can take it in Police department. Hunt drone-miners.
Dance on the minefield is 3x3 now.


Gameplay changes
Calculation of red weapon radius (where you see "only melee"). Now it depends from minimal range of current weapon attack. Red weapon radius is 30% from minimal range, but not less than 2 meters.
You will see no difference for shotguns and SMG's. But assault rifles and machineguns will be unable to shoot closer than 3-4 meters. To shoot from Barret, you will need to step 8-10 meters back.
You can not deal damage in this zone and you can't cheat it.
Characters will not interfere fire if you aim to the left or to the right from your target.
Visibility calculation was changed. If you see enemy, you can hit it. Technical size of character is cylinder and is a bit larger than character size. Characters will be visible behind obstacles, which used to be good covers before. Autostop will trigger more often with smaller percent of enemy cover.


Other changes

  • Players have asked about changing "Preparation" and we have changed it. Instead of yellow message in center of the screen and fire restriction, all characters will get 80% resistance and health restoration. This bonus will be removed once player starts his turn. You will need to find cover even if your turn is first.
  • Camera speed on switching to aiming mode was increased.
  • Reduced rotation speed on touching window borders.
  • Dressing room size was increased. Now you can see your favourite weapon and armor in details.
  • Enemy UAV will be visible on new replays.
  • Removed "premium" word on loading screen.
  • Reduced waiting time before you get in 3x3 or 2x2 in arena.
  • Fixed animation of pistols. Now character holds it properly.
  • Comments in contact list will always be visible.
  • Removed mark "(1)" near name in lgnore list.
  • Some spawn points was changed in parking, fuel station, warehouses and west checkpoint.



  • Fixed bug with character stuck on ladder on looting.
  • Fixed bug when character lose ability to shoot enemy below him.
  • Fixed bug when C4 becomes visible after turn over.
  • Fixed bug with dodging mine on narrow surface.
  • Probably fixed bug with saving replays from Captures and Events.
  • Probably fixed bug with barrels, mines or infrasound generator explode not where they are.
  • Probably fixed game crash on leaving combat.

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